East of Everything by A.O.K. Simpson ~ Book Review

Book Synopsis:
This is East London, where talk is cheap and beer is dear and everyone but you has an ironic tattoo. And this is a story of millennial men: of cobbled identity, flawed friendship and terrible love. 

RenĂ© Dubois-Williams is thirty, and at a low ebb in his life. Jobless, loveless and living with his indulgent mother, there appear to be no limits to the depths of his degradation. But a chance encounter with a couple of old school friends—the pathologically charming Madoc, and Niceguy Howard—will set all three on a tortuous path of self-discovery; careering wildly through betrayal, redemption, triumph and despair. 

Will RenĂ© finally find love with the remote and enigmatic Flame? Can Howard hang on to his bored and restless girlfriend, Anna? What will Madoc do with the body? 

Find out all this, and more, in… 


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Book Review:
This book reminds me of Fitzgerald’s This Side of Paradise, although Simpson writes about post-college, millennial men. His dark, sad and lonely theme delivers dry humor that had me chuckle out loud. The man has a way with words, and he knows it too. 

However, I found the first part of this book lacking. A good book pulls the reader deep into the story, begging the reader to loose his/her reality. The story’s progression was a bit slow for me, but I am hardly the target audience as a Gen X female. I think the writing buys too much into the egoistical visions of grandeur and the depression that follows the realization of inadequately. Whether intentional or not, this approach did not appeal to me.

So, why the 3 star rating? Either this is a well-accomplished author with a real diversion for millennial men, or there is a true talent that needs a little attention. Basically, I expect great things from this author. As a Gen Xer, I am naturally skeptical. Therefore, A.O.K. Simpson, don’t let me down. 

~*Disclaimer: This post was written by Andrea'. I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are honest and my own.*~ 


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