The Girl Who Wouldn't Die by Marianne Jones ~ Book Review

The Girl Who Wouldn't Die

Paperback128 pages
Published September 28th 2015 by Word Alive Press
Book Description:  

Abused. Abandoned. Addicted. Alone.

As a child, Linda Stewardson suffered horrific abuse at the hands of her stepfather. After a particularly vicious attack, Linda was left for dead only to be revived in the hospital. Betrayed by the adults who should have protected her, she turned to life on the streets.Linda believed she had no value, until a life-changing encounter with Christ gave her a reason for living. 

The Girl Who Wouldn't Die shows that there is no pain too great or darkness too deep for God's love to transform. 

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About the Author:

Marianne Jones is an award-winning poet and author of four books. Her work has appeared in Reader's Digest, Canadian Living, The Globe and Mail, and numerous other publications. She was named International Christian Poet Laureate in 2010 by the Utmost Christian Writers Guild. Marianne and her husband, Reg, have two amazing daughters and two beautiful granddaughters.Linda Stewardson is a wife and mother and a volunteer with the Canadian Mental Health Association. She is the recipient of the 2004 Courage to Come Back Award from the Center for Addiction and Mental Health, and has appeared on 100 Huntley Street. 

Book Review (Kris)
The Girl Who Wouldn't Die by Marianne Jones was a quick read for me.  The character Linda suffered horrific daily abuse by her stepfather.  This ignited her spiral down to a destructive path.  I was very surprised at the number of her suicide attempts.  Her lifestyle mirrors many people I know.  The sad truth is adult role models often abuse the authority they have over kids.  Linda, and many other are left with internal wounds.  Thankfully hope prevails.  The lesson, never give up on someone.  They eventually may see the light.  I give this book three stare.  Good read.  I would have enjoyed the story line expanded.

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.


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