Tame Me by J.L.Leslie ~ Book Review

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Tame Me by J.L.Leslie ~ Book Review

Book Description: 

Wren Davis has always been the responsible one. The caretaker. She’s always put her life on hold for others. When she takes a job as Stellan Zane’s housekeeper, she does it to take care of her sister. Her own life can wait. Only she wasn’t expecting to find him so irresistible… 

Stellan Zane is used to getting what he wants, when he wants. No woman gets to him. No woman really knows about him or his past. When he lets his little sister hire him a housekeeper, Wren Davis is not what he was expecting. And she’s his employee. Yet, she’s what he wants… 

Unable to fight their attraction, the two embark on a relationship that’s supposed to be uncomplicated. Allowing Wren to have the carefree life she’s never had and Stellan to enjoy the type of relationship he always gets. But when exes interfere, the unexpected happens and things become complicated, can Wren tame Stellan…and will he allow her to? 

**All books in this series are stand-alone novels and can be read without reading the remaining books in the series. No cliffhangers!!** 


Review: 3 Stars
This is a love story between a young woman who is looking for a job to pay her disabled sister’s hospital fees, and a successful businessman who hires her as his housekeeper (actually, his sister hires the heroine). The characters were well-developed so much so that there were moments where I wanted to shake the heroine for her actions but at the same time understanding why she reacted that way!

The scenes with the heroine’s sister were emotional but other than that it was an ‘ok’ romance with the usual other woman drama, misunderstandings and both the heroine and hero walking away from each other before returning to each other.

Overall, I wouldn’t read this book again but lovers of dramas, steamy scenes and happy endings will enjoy this romance.

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.


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