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Wow, 2016 has been off to a fast start! I can not believe we are almost finished February. Where has the time gone? So many updates to share, I thought it would be good to post them all together.

If you are new to reading Genuine Jenn, Welcome! If you have been with us for awhile now I would like to say thank you! We have gone through a lot of changes over the last almost six years. It'll be six years of blogging in May 2016. Wow!

Let me start off with my first announcement ~

I would like to welcome five new reviewers to Genuine Jenn. Welcome to Kris, Inge, Libby, Liv and Carmen.

I am so happy and excited to have you all as part of the review team! Please check out the About/Contact page for everyone's bio (we'll be adding them all shortly).  We still have room for more reviewers, if you are a book lover we would love to have you. Send an email for more information.

Next ~ This year my goal is to work on meditation and mindfulness. I have been working on my yoga practice and thought that I really need to work on my meditation. At the end of January I was very unfortunate, slipping on ice twice in 24 hours. Each time I fell I put down my right hand to catch myself. The second fall I really hurt myself but thought with rest it would heal. I was mistaken and had to see my family physician, who told me I had acute right periscapular muscle strain, in English, a hurt shoulder muscle. It hurt so bad that even sneezing would kill. I have spent a lot of time at the massage therapist working out that muscle strain. Now I am working on gently stretching and eventually building my muscle up again. I was lucky in the end that is the only damage I did to my shoulder. Both the therapist and doctor said it could have been way worse.

This has really made me slow down. I am left handed but I have learned so much about how I am very right dominate for mostly everything I do except eat and write. I learned to slow down even more and let people help me. The kids and husband helped out a lot when I needed it. Even just pushing a grocery cart or helping to bring in the groceries, carrying laundry baskets to the machine for me. This also meant I had to slow down on the computer. I am still working my way back into more time online but in smaller sittings. The muscle I hurt is the big one that helps hold your shoulder blade in place, the most of my pain is in the lower shoulder blade. Typing, clicking a mouse etc is felt right back there. Our bodies are one amazing thing. Everything connected in some way or another.

I have slowly started back into my fitness, missing out on my workouts has been very tough. I have learned that fitness to me is a must. It is my happy pill. I find I have more energy and I am less stressed when I get my fitness in daily. It also helps my joints and my lower back pain. I will be starting a yoga program February 29th. I am just trying to pick between The Ultimate Yogi 108 day program or PiYo. I am leaning towards The Ultimate Yogi because of the meditation and huge variety of yoga workouts. This is also a program I have had to review but keep starting it and then moving on to something else. I will commit to a program and will work on updating here to keep myself accountable. If you want to cheer me on or become accountable please send me an email, tweet or comment below. Would love to work with you on getting healthy and fit in 2016!

Next on the update! My son, Parker, as some of you may have seen some of his reviews on here and photos. He has decided to get more serious about his reading and blogging. He has restarted his blog Mr. Park's Adventures and will be sharing daily fun and reviews. He is also talking about doing some writing, short stories and maybe even some videos. I am one proud momma! If you have the chance please check out Parker's blog and say hi!

Writing ~ This was put on hold while I was mending but I am really hoping to start working in some writing time a few times a week to start and then go from there. I have a short story started but I am not sure I want to finish it. I may post what I have and see what you all think. Maybe I will finish it. I would also love to work on extending Miranda and Brad's story.

That is all for now. I hope you are having a great start to 2016!

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