Falling in Death and Love: A Retro-Thriller by Magnus Stanke ~ Book Review

Synopsis (spoiler-free)
The year is 1977 and David returns to Mallorca after roaming the oceans as a chef on the five-mast schooner the Evolution. He has missed the smell of Majorcan pines and is now back with the mission to become the first sushi chef on the island. When he pitches his idea for raw fish in the Boutique Hotel on the island, his eyes meet Aurora who is staying as a guest in the hotel. When he looks into her green eyes, the ground moves for him. Call it coincidence or fate but the next day she sees him in the centre of Palma and she is determined to eat his sushi. They end up parachute jumping together and when it’s her turn Aurora blacks out and by a turn of luck her foot becomes caught up in his rope when he releases his chute. After experiencing near death like this, their sense of belonging together is even more intense and the next couple of days are spent in complete happiness together. When her holiday is coming to an end she promises David to return in three months’ time. He counts down the days and finally the plane touches down, he will be able to see her again and they can start their future together. He has it all mapped out, with a romantic get-together the first few days in a remote cabin in the woods. But as soon as she sets foot on the ground the tables turn and it certainly did not turn out how he imagined. He could never have thought that there would be a murder that day and he would be running for his life from a couple of killers, aided by a corrupt policeman. The police is looking for two fugitives and they are chased in hot pursuit, being shot at by different parties and with absolutely no clue why all this is happening. It is, however, clear that they want to kill them while also framing him for the murder. The almost impossible task rests on his shoulders to get them both to safety and reveal the story that brought this all come crashing down.

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About the Author:
Magnus Stanke came to fiction writing relatively late in life, and via literary detours in song-writing, film scripts and film criticism. He has worked professionally as bank clerk, shiatsu practitioner and language teacher. In his twenties he spent a lot of time backpacking and he has now settled in Spain.
He sincerely wishes there were more hours in the day to pursue his other hobbies, now, that the writing is increasingly taking over. 
Review by Inge:
**** 4 stars
The author doesn’t beat around the bush, already in the very first chapter we are introduced to the delightful premise that David would remember the spring of ‘77 as the best of his life, and that it would turn into a murderous, bloody, soul-destroying summer. It certainly triggered my interest and the story kept my interest all the way through. It starts off with some sweet romance but the main part of the novel is quite action-packed really, bullets are flying, they are labelled fugitives and they are running for their lives through the forest, in hot pursuit not only from the hitmen but also from the police. There are quite a lot of characters introduced to us in this novel and Mr. Stanke shows real skill in portraying them all in such detail, every one of them had a solid background story to go with. I was a little confused sometimes because it was not always very clear from the very start of a new chapter from whose perspective I was reading, they were fast changing, but it didn’t really stop the flow from the book either so I don’t hold it against him. It’s well-written, enjoyable to read with a good plot and an ending that would be rather spectacular were it be made into a movie. I also really felt myself in the year 1977 and could just about hear Elvis singing so well done.

~*Disclaimer: This post was written by Genuine Jenn. All opinions are honest and my own.*~


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