Dempster's Great White Bread Taste Off!

Dempster's is asking Canadians to share their favorite white bread recipes during The Dempster's Great White Bread Taste Off. Head over to Dempster's Facebook page and submit your recipe along with a photo of your favourite way to enjoy Dempster's white bread.

The top 10 entries will be submitted to a taste off and the grand prize is $10,000, along with a 2nd place prize of $1,000 and 3rd prize of $500. Please read contest rules on their Facebook page. The contest ends at 12:00pm EST on March 22, 2012.
How do you like your bread? I am not a picky bread eater, actually I love all kinds of bread but growing up I would only eat white bread. Still to this day somethings just taste better with white bread. We love Dempster's bread in our house. I will admit we eat more of the Whole Wheat or grainy breads but we do still love to pick up a loaf of white bread here and there.

My son and I love to make grilled cheese with a slice of deli meat, I also like to add onions to mine. This just tastes so much better with White bread. Another thing I love with fresh white bread, egg salad sandwiches! Just so tasty.
Have you had the chance to try out Dempster's Stay Fresh White Bread? We really enjoy the great wholesome white bread made with Enriched Wheat Flours and contains 15% of your daily Iron intake in 2 slices. It is very soft and held together well when making our sandwiches. I wanted to test the "Stays Fresh" but it is very hard when I live with two guys who love bread. It vanished in a couple days.

Here are some fun facts about White bread:
  • Younger Canadians (18-24) are the biggest white bread fans (80%) believing certain sandwiches taste better when made with white bread. 
  • Canada's favourite way to eat sliced white bread? Toasted (40%), followed by grilled cheese (16%) and peanut butter and jelly sandwich (14%) 
  • This one surprised me - Over half the 18-24 set (57%) enjoy sandwiches more when they are cut into triangles or squares and they are significantly more likely to agree that sliced white bread is irreplaceable in some recipes (59%)
How do you like your White Bread?

~*Disclaimer: This post was written by Marvelous Mommy Meals on behalf of Dempster's. This was a compensated post. All opinions are honest and my own.*~


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