Zellers Memory Showcase - Sponsored Video

Growing up in a small town we didn't have too many big stores. We had a couple grocery stores and a few other everything stores; Zellers being our big box store. I have tons of memories of shopping at Zellers from a young age and even now as Zellers has been my go to store to pick up kids clothes. I just love the Cheeokee brand and will really miss it when our Zellers closes.

Zellers in my town is slated to close right at the end of the closers this means I may get a couple more years.

Anyways the back to my story of Zellers memories! The Executive Managing Director of Zellers is back. You may recall videos of him back in the fall when he announced the AWESOME holiday sales!

The Executive Managing Director of Zellers is reenacting Canada's fondest, funniest and most fantastic Zellers memories.

Want to share your story? Head over to Zellers Facebook page and share your story on the Zellers Memory Showcase tab. If your story is one of the lucky anecdotes brought to life EMD-style, you'll also receive a $250 Zellers gift card! How fabulous would that be? Especially with the stores that are having their clearance sales, you would be able to buy tons of great things!!

Don't forget when you are on the Zellers Facebook page to check out the printable coupon. Good Luck!
~*Disclaimer: This post was written by Canadian Coupon Mom and is sponsored by Zellers. All opinions are honest and my own.*~

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