New for 2012 from Kellogg's

Cereal is a big part of my son's morning, every morning. He just can't seem to eat anything other than cereal for breakfast except the odd day of waffles or pancakes. He made a fruit & yogurt breakfast for everyone one morning and as he finished his bowl he said "I'm still hungry can I have cereal?". It may be the end of the world if we didn't have at least 2 open boxes of cereal in the cupboard.

P was very excited that Kellogg's has introduced a new cereals and cereal bars for 2012!

Cinnamon Pops - Same great Pops cereal but with the added taste of cinnamon. I found they were pretty good and not over powering with the cinnamon flavor and not too sweet.
Rice Krispies Brown Rice Gluten Free -if you or your child is Gluten Free you do not have to miss out of the tasty Rice Krispies any longer with their new gluten free cereal! 
Mini-Wheats Centres - Frosted on one side and plain on the other. These are the same great taste of mini-wheats but with a strawberry centre! I think it took less than two days to finish off the box. My daughter isn't a cereal eater and she loves these. I love snacking on them dry. Great new cereal.

All Bran Orange Cranberry - Same great taste of the other All bran bars but has an orange cranberry flavor. I found the orange flavor to be noticeable more than the cranberry but at the same time I love it! These I try to keep to myself for the trip home from work.
Rice Krispies Granola - Strawberry and Cocoa -The kids loved both of these but I think their favorite is the Strawberry flavored. Just a mix between a rice krispies square and a granola bar. They have been a huge hit with the kids!

Have you tried any of the new 2012 products? How did you like them?

~*Disclaimer: This post was written by Canadian Coupon Mom as part of the Kelloggers network. We received the above mentioned for review purpose. All opinions are honest and my own*~

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