Kids Week - Its the picnic time of year!

Today's post is a guest post from our friend Alyssa at A Motherhood Experience.

We have been experiencing some better-than-ever weather here across Canada this week, it looks like Spring has sprung out in full force! Springtime means picnic time, our kids love when we pack up a special picnic and venture off into our local community to find a place to enjoy it together.

Spending time having a picnic is a great way to have quality time together plus everyone gets out to enjoy the beautiful weather. Our local park is grassy in the late spring and summer seasons, perfect spot to set up for a family picnic plus the kids get to have fun and play on the parks play structure. We also like walking down toward where the river park is, it's a bit of a trek for the little guy but feeding the ducks that swim by is always priceless!

Now, before you go out and buy the fanciest picnic basket for your adventure - stop. You don't have to have the traditional "Yogi-bear" type basket full of goodies, use your imagination or better yet get the kids to help out! We use an insulated lunch bag, these can be bought in different colours and sizes anywhere from a dollar store to Canadian Tire.

Sitting on the ground isn't very comfortable (or hygenic) so don't forget to pack something to sit on. We bring our big picnic blanket but if you are driving to your destination by all means pack foldable camping chairs.

Food doesn't have to be difficult or take a long time to prepare, everyone can help out in deciding what to bring. Here are some ideas of simple foods for your next picnic:

Finger foods like sandwiches or wraps, let the kids help make their sandwiches choosing what they would like be it peanut butter and jam or something more daring!

Veggies to go with carrot and celery sticks, simple to prepare and not messy to eat.

Trail mix or popcorn makes a great side snack too. For beverages, bottles of water or juice (you can bring each your own or reusable cups) will quench everyone's thirst.

Fruit like bananas, apples, pears, grapes etc and granola bars are easy to throw in and make a yummy, healthy dessert!

Enjoy your pic nic and the memories being made! :)

For more great pic nic food ideas check out Recipe Lions "21 Must Have Easy Picnic Recipes" e cookbook!

Have a happy pic nic!

~*Disclosure: Written by AME on behalf of MMM for Kids Week. Not a sponsored post. Opinions and comments are those of AME. Image from Microsoft clip art.*~


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