Coolfoam Pillows by Qmate

I am sure you will agree with me when I say I love that amazing sleep where you go to bed and sleep peaceful all night through, maybe only 7-8 hours or if lucky 10+. The sleep where you go to bed and within minutes you are fast asleep and when you wake in the morning and feel so ultimately rested you can't believe you got that kind of rest.

Okay so reality hits and I realize I don't usually get 8+ hours to sleep and some days I go 24+ hours without sleep but what I look forward to each day or night, in my case it is both as I work overnights, I look forward to putting my head down on the most comfortable, hypoallergenic, anti-microbial, anti-mite pillow and Eco-friendly materials is also great. 

Qmate is a new Canadian company, just launched this November! They specialize in pillows and will soon be offering mattresses. You can choose from either the Coolfoam Contour or the Greenl-Gel Contour, each come in a large size.

Coolfoam is a hydrophillic type of visco-elastic foam based on biopolyol which assures you a good night of relaxed healthy sleep, each of these pillows have the coolfoam material and will offer you the highest eco-friendly material. They are Anti-mites, Anti-microbacterials, Hypoallergenic, No bothersome chemical odors, no regulated material used and are similar to other nature textile.

Why should you buy Qmate vs the other leading memory foam pillows?
  • Luxurious and amazing comfort
  • Odorless
  • Softness is not influenced by temperature changes.
  • Comfortable in any climate and temperature.
  • Highly open cell rate to allow optimum airflow.
  • Hydrophillic, temperature balance.
  • No heat accumulation.
  • Micro-gel beads infused, to continuously adjust to the ever changing body temperature in order to provide maximum pressure relief, relaxation and comfort.
Coolfoam Contour Large Pillow
Green-Gel Contour Pillow
Green-Gel - Combines the comfort of Coolfoam with the cooling system of Green-Gel
Fresh & healthy cooling sensation that last all night long.
Eliminates the needs for "pillow flipping".

Head over to Qmate to learn more and also find a great Friends and Family Promo on right now

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~*Disclaimer: This post was written by Genuine Jenn on behalf of Qmate. All opinions are honest and my own.*~


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