Checkout 51 iPhone App Review

I am always looking for ways to save money on our groceries, from coupons, to shopping sales, bulk foods and meat orders. We usually stick to our small food budget for the week and still have plenty of tasty food. Recently I was introduced to another way to save money while out grocery shopping. This is a bit different from the usual and it is only available to Canada and at the moment iPhone users - Checkout 51.

This is a user friendly app that has specials each week starting on Thursday at 12am EST. Getting started is very easy, add the app to your iPhone, sign in with a Facebook account or make an account with an email address.  

Check each week for the products that are available to save money on. It is sort of like couponing but you don't clip you just need to save your receipt. Then you upload a photo of your receipt in the app and check off which products are on that receipt. Each product can be claimed only once during the time frame (Thursday - Wednesday). You can use it even if you use a coupon in store or the item is on sale, add bonus!

When your account hits $20 you will be mail a cheque!

This week you can save on the following:  
  • Delissio pizza, any variety, excludes garlic breads. Cash back: $1.50
  • Tostitos Salsa, any size, excludes dips and Salsa Con Queso. Cash back: $1.00
  • Popchips, 85 g or more, any flavour. Cash back: $1.00
  • Club House products, any Club House product. Cash back: $0.50
  • Unico olives, 375 mL or more in cans or jars. Cash back: $0.50
  • Gay Lea Sour Cream, 250 mL or more, any variety. Cash back: $0.50 
  • Carnation Evaporated Milk, 370 mL, any variety. Cash back: $0.50
  • French's Mustard, any variety. Cash back: $0.50
  • Ocean Spray Cranberry Cocktail, 1.89 L or more, any flavour. Cash back: $0.50
  • VH sauces, any variety. Cash back: $0.50
My thoughts: I find this to be a super easy app to use and a great way to add some extra savings to our grocery budget. I figure with the check we will either add it to our savings/date night or throw it back into groceries when we want to spend a bit more or have a special meal. It is a 3 step process - check app, shop and submit receipt, just minutes. Also the people behind Checkout 51 have been super nice and helpful. They quickly helped me fix my account after losing my facebook (which is how I signed into the app).
Grab the Free app on iTunes today. Don't forget to follow Checkout 51 on Twitter @Checkout51 and on Facebook.


  1. I recently DLed this app - not always items I would buy, but I can see it adding up pretty quickly for items I would be buying anyhow! Neat idea!

    1. Anonymous6:08 PM

      I don't use everything either but it does add up if you are using the products, also if they are already on sale then you save more.


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