Rebuilding my Facebook account

A couple weeks ago I was on Facebook, really it was like any and every other day. I pop on check what is happening with friends, family, my favourite bloggers and brands. I check in on my fan page. Post, share, like and be addicted to Facebook like pretty much like the rest of the world. 

This night was a lot different. I was about to share a post when it said I had been logged out. I thought right away that is weird. I go to log back in and forgot I changed my Facebook password recently and put in the wrong password. The next time I made an error in typing, I am sure know one every does that when they are multi-tasking Facebook, kids, making dinner and a pup. Anyways guess what??? I got a message saying my account was locked and they wanted me to verify a bunch of photos of friends to make sure I was the right person. 

So here I go, one photo after another I got them right. Let me tell you though you have to really know your friends and the photos they post or you could get it wrong. They post pictures of kids and feet or sky etc. I was then told they would send me a code to my cell phone (which was a correct number.)

So I wait and wait and wait. No text from Facebook. I hit the resend a text and get again nothing. This is now an hour after getting locked out. I decide I would look for a way to contact Facebook. Oh you would think this would be easy well it is not! I had to Google and find another blogger would shared the contact on their site. I sent off an email, got one back asking for id. Sent id and nothing since. 

I decided I couldn't live without Facebook especially since I am in some groups for my blog and reading. I signed up another account. I had to start ALL OVER AGAIN! Even my fan page. I have been on facebook since early 2007! That was a lot of photos and comments and pages. If we were friends and we are not please send me an invite. I will add you back.

I have also realized this past week it isn't good to use your Facebook login on other sites. You might as well just sign up with the same email and password, taking the extra 10 minutes to make the account with them. If you don't and you lose Facebook you just might lose the account also. If you don't lose the account you have to email the company to transfer everything over or start fresh.

If you were following my blog on Facebook can you update the page to Genuine Jenn? Thanks a bunch and sorry for any inconvenience 

Do you use Facebook, why or why not?  

~*Disclaimer: This post was written by Genuine Jenn. This is in no way associated with Facebook. This is from my experience and I wanted to share with my readers. All opinions are honest and my own.*~


  1. That is so weird that this happened to you because something similar happened to me this week but with my email. I couldn't get in. I was told there was some unusual activity and as much as I tried it would not let me in. Finally I gave google my cell number and they sent me a code. I hated doing this cus now I'm afraid that someone is going to use the number and phone to some far away continent and I'm gonna get the bill. In the end, I ended up with my email back (thank god) and there was no unusual activity, It was exactly the same! So I understand your frustration! Sometimes the security that they put in place to protect us just hampers us!

  2. Anonymous7:24 AM

    It is so true Lee, I feel the security is great to have but if you are not going to follow up with people and correct the problem then why put it there in the first place. It like all our work gone and no way to back it up. I do need to remember to back up things more often and write things done on paper when I find fave pages etc. I am glad you were able to get back into your email. That would be horrible to lose all emails and contact.

  3. This is why Facebook needs to change their security to questions like banks and other things do. Asking us to recognize photos from two years ago is just stupid and how are we supposed to know everyone??? Like you said we have groups and stuff. I'm sorry you went through this but glad to see you back online!

  4. I had this happen to me but I WAS spamming my wall with contests but this was before all the filters and stuff (prob over a yr ago) Once I emailed them a copy of my picture ID I was able to get back onto fb about 3 days later, and now, at least, my account is verified. There are many many accounts that are fake and I think this is the reason they crack down every now and then (esp when you read about people harrassing on fb, with fake accounts) I often see names of people entering contests with JAne contest etc, that is one reason I dislike the voting contests on fb, you KNOW there is someone out there that has made 10 accounts just to cheat, or 10 accounts just to get a freebie coupon or something lame like that...

  5. Anonymous3:42 PM

    That is also true Binabug. I have seen a few people enter contest/giveaway and wonder if they are the same people. I will likely to contact them again about my account. I don't really want to start all over again rebuiling. I would be ok with the security if they didn't expect people to know friends by nature pictures or kids etc. I answered all right but my code vanished in the midst of coming to me. They should make contacting FB easier and response also.

  6. This explains a lot! I was so baffled to have you add me when I thought a were already friends! I'm sorry its been such a nightmare with your only option bring a fresh start. But I'm glad to see you stuck with it!


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