Nobody Has to Know by Frank Nappi Book Review

Nobody Has To KnowNobody Has To Know

Nobody Has To Know, Frank Nappi's dark and daring new thriller, tells the story of Cameron Baldridge, a popular high school teacher whose relationship with one of his students leads him down an unfortunate and self-destructive path. Stalked through text-messages, Baldridge fights for his life against a terrifying extortion plot and the forces that threaten to expose him. NHTK is a sobering look into a world of secrets, lies, and shocking revelations, and will leave the reader wondering many things, including whether or not you can ever really know the person you love. 

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My thoughts: WOW! Okay now that I got that out of the way I will give you some thoughts on this novel. I was excited to read this book as the synopsis sounded very interesting but after reading it, well I am blown away with tons of thoughts about this novel. Frank Nappi is a brilliant writer, this storyline was solid, keeping readers on their toes wondering how far Cameron would really go. I can't really say that I liked any of the main characters but that didn't stop me from loving this book. Nappi I don't think wants the characters to be liked in such a way that we can relate or feel bad for Cameron. He brought on the whole thing himself. 

This was a suspense psychological thriller type novel. I would say aimed at 18 yrs + as the topics discussed are adult natured and there is swearing in it. 

When you think Cameron may just make the right decision you are totally wrong and he follows down a dark path only to have this haunt him when he thinks it is all over. I don't want to give away any of the story so I am trying to keep my review very vague. The is a great plot, with turns I didn't even expect until it was right upon us. Cameron has loved and lost at the very young age of fourteen and really never got over it. I think this is where Cam has a really hard time walking away from one of his students. Being an adult you think Cam would turn this wrong into a right but he doesn't and the plot just thickens. 

5 out of 5 stars! I look forward to reading more of Frank Nappi's work.  

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~*Disclaimer: This post was written by Genuine Jenn. All opinions are honest and my own.*~


  1. Omigosh, this looks great! I love thrillers like these. I'm adding this to my list.

  2. I love reading, but never have enough time it seems. Personally I don't love thrillers, I am not a suspense kind of person. But I bet hubby would enjoy this

  3. Sounds interesting! I like the idea of having the characters not be sympathetic; I'll bet that made for an interesting read!

  4. This definitely sounds like a great read! Unlikeable main characters would be a nice change from the usual plot.

  5. very intriguing!!!

  6. Controversial but I enjoyed it.


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