Writing Wednesday ~ Short Story ~ Love at First Sight


This weeks story was inspired by a writing prompt in a Goodreads group I am part of. The prompt was to write a scene in a driveway and include a blue scarf. Keep on reading to see what I came up with. Would love some feedback if you are enjoying these post. Please leave a comment below.

Title: Love at First Sight
Word Count: 1031
Written by: Jennifer Levac
     Annabelle pulls back the giant black and white floral curtain as she looks out the big picture window, keeping a close eye on the driveway. A light dusting of snow is has been falling for most of the making the long two lane driveway a winter wonderland.

     "Mommy, when will Daddy be home?" Annabelle asks her mother for the millionth time.

     "He will be home in twenty minutes," Vivian tells her five year old daughter, Annabelle. Mark, Vivian's husband works many hours each week. He also does a lot of traveling with his big cooperate job. Vivian doesn't enjoy the times Mark is away but she knows they couldn't enjoy the life they live without this job. Mark wants his ladies to enjoy life without any worries.

     Vivian is a stay at home mom to just Annabelle, that is at least for the next seven months. Vivian is due with bay number two, a little boy by June. When Mark gets home, he and Vivian will be telling Annabelle about her little baby brother. Mark also has another surprise for Annabelle, one that Vivian is quite excited to see.

     "Mommy, I can't wait any longer! I want to see Daddy and get my surprise!" Annabelle said jumping up and down while looking out the big picture window.

     "I know sweetheart, twenty minutes is a long time at your age. Why don't you go play and Mommy will call you when Daddy arrives, okay?" Vivian runs a hand down Annabelle's silky soft brown locks. She has a petite frame just like her mother, but she bares Mark's facial features and brown hair. She looks just like her Daddy.

     "But Mommy I want to see Daddy right away!" exclaimed Annabelle.

     "Okay, you can hang out here. Mommy is going to go put the chicken in the oven for dinner. I'll be in the kitchen if you need me," making her way to the kitchen.
     Annabelle stands looking out the window silently wishing for her Daddy to hurry up and come home.

     "MOMMY!! DADDY'S HOME!!!" Annabelle squeals and runs for the front door, grabbing her winter coat and boots before rushing out of the house.

     "Don't forget to do up your coat Annabelle, its cold outside," Vivian calls to Annabelle, as she wipes her wet hands the dishtowel and heads for the front hall to meet Mark.


     Mark looks over the edge of the brown cardboard box on the passenger seat beside him at the sound of whimpering. He smiles at the big brown eyes looking up at him from inside the box. His daughter, Annabelle will be so excited to see what he has as a surprise for her. Mark has been on the road for the past week with work but promised Annabelle a surprise when he returned home. Vivian and Mark had come up with the idea of a new puppy a about a month ago when they thought it was about time to give Annabelle her own pet and a bit more responsibility.

     Mark turns onto Maple Steet and can see his driveway from the corner of the street. Annabelle is likely waiting at the window in their living room, this has become her ritual when Mark is traveling for more than a day at a time. He can't wait to get in and see his family, it has been a long and exhausting week.

     "Almost there little one, you will soon meet the best little girl that will love you to pieces," Mark says as he pats the puppy on the head. The pup affectingly starts to lick at Mark's hand with its big wet tongue.

     Putting on his right flasher, Mark turns the car slowly into the driveway, noticing the curtains in the front window falling back into place. Mark smiles to himself as he sees Annabelle opening the front door and charging down the steps as she is trying to do up the zipper on her big puffy winter coat.

     Mark puts his car in park and looks quickly for something to wrap the new puppy in to keep it hidden. Spying one of Vivian's scarves in the back seat, he reaches for the dark blue fabric. Wrapping the puppy in the Vivian's scarf, Mark reaches for the door handle and gets out of the car. Mark gently holds the puppy in his arms, bending down to Annabelle's height as she approaches her father.

     "Daddy! I am so happy to see you," Annabelle says with a huge smile on her face, showing off her sweet dimples.

     "Come quietly, Annabelle. I have something special for you," Mark says and pulls back the dark blue scarf revealing the tri-coloured beagle puppy, watching Annabelle's face light up with excitement.

     "Oh Daddy, she is so cute!" Annabelle exclaims as she puts her face right up to the puppies black wet nose. The tri-coloured beagle gave Annabelle's a sloppy wet kiss all over her face. Annabelle started to giggle, "Can I hold her Daddy, can I?"

     "Sure but you need to be very careful and quiet with her as she is just a puppy and getting to know us," Mark replied.

     Annabelle reached out her tiny little arms and Mark passed the tiny puppy to his daughter.

     Hugging the puppy close to her tiny chest, Annabelle looked up as Vivian approached them in the driveway.

     "Mommy, looked what Daddy gave me! Isn't she soooo cute? I think I will call her Molly. She will be my bestest friend ever, I just know it! I can't wait to tell Sarah about her. Mommy, can Molly sleep with me tonight? Can she, PLEASE!!" Annabelle squealed as she tried to stay still with her new puppy in her arms her excitement rising with every word.

     "Sure, she can sleep with you tonight, Annabelle," Vivian said as she reached down to pet the new puppy. Annabelle headed back to the house with her new best friend, Molly.

     Vivian smiled at Mark and said, "Looks like it is love at first sight."

     Mark reached for Vivian, giving her a tight hug and a gentle kiss. They headed into the house behind their daughter holding each others hand.

~*Disclaimer: This post was written by Genuine Jenn. This is a work of fiction. Copyright of Genuine Jenn. *~


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