Writing Wednesday ~ Short Story ~ Tom and Ben's First Date

I recently joined a few writing groups on Goodreads and follow a few blogs that have writing prompts. I have decided this is a great way to get ideas flowing and also step outside of the normal things I would write about. I also decided that I would choose to share at least one writing sample each with on the blog. It might be a micro, flash or short story, a chapter from a novella or novel or just some ramblings. Lets call it Writing Wednesday!

This is a short story that was a December writing prompt in a group where they share a picture and a few things to make sure to include or keep in mind.  This one was of a young teen laying on a frozen pond with one hand on his chest. I would share the photo but I don't know who to credit. The story needed to be YA-appropriate and some LGBT content.

This is a two male gay teens go on their first date, the one teen, Tom, has never dated a guy before but has known that he is gay for awhile. 

Title: Tom and Ben's First Date
Word Count: 1762
Written by: Jennifer Levac
Genre: YA, LGBT

     Ben leans forward, making Tom take one step back. Putting his left hand on the tree trunk up by Tom's face, he leans forward and with a fierce passionate need, places his lips against Tom's. Tom can't believe what is happening but kisses Ben back with so much hunger it surprises him. Tom has been waiting for Ben to show some sign of feelings towards him for a long time. Ben's right hand comes up to Tom's face and cups his cheek. The warmth of Ben is making Tom lose himself in more than just the kiss -- he can feel himself hardening at his groin.

     Ben drops both of his arms to his sides and takes a step back from Tom. The passion and need are written all over his face. He is panting hard.

     "I..umm..I am sorry," Ben finally says to Tom as his eyes dart to the snow-covered ground.

     "What? You don't need to be sorry, I have been hoping you would kiss me for months now," Tom replies, stepping closer to Ben. "You didn't do anything wrong, I have just been too nervous to make a move on you first."

     Ben looks up with those dark brown eyes, staring at Tom before saying: "I needed to finally make the move. This tension between us has been too much for me to even concentrate on anything lately."

     Tom is beyond happy that Ben feels the same way he does. "Want to grab a burger tonight?" Tom asks shyly.

     "Sure, meet you at The Grill at seven?" Ben says as he steps closer to Tom, shifting his weight from left to right, showing how nervous he really is. Tom thinks Ben looks really cute when he is nervous. Tom smiles at Ben.

     "Sounds good to me," Tom says as Ben closes the gap between the two boys and gives Tom a quick hug, turns quickly and heads out of the woods, leaving Tom standing in the middle of the frozen pond.

     Tom drops to the ground, landing on the pond and laying on his back looking up to the sky. The sun is starting to drop, and the moon is making its appearance, Tom thinks to himself with excitement, he actually likes me. Tom has had a crush on Ben since Ben arrived at Woodward High a couple months ago from Huston. Ben is tall, with wavy dark brown hair and the most deep dark brown eyes. He is the first male that Tom has been attracted to since he realized he wasn't into girls. Jessie and Tom were together for about eight months before he decided he couldn't just date her to make his family or anyone else happy. He just wasn't feeling it. They were only best friends – nothing beyond. It broke Jessie's heart but she has since come around.

     Tom slowly gets up from the ground, wiping the snow off and heads home to get ready for his first date with Ben.


     Ben arrived at The Grill first and found a quiet spot in the back of the restaurant for dinner with Tom. He really wanted Tom to like him. Moving away from Huston had been really hard on Ben, especially leaving football and all his friends behind. Everyone at his old school knew Ben was gay and didn't have a problem with it. Even his parents have been cool with it but with moving to Woodward, he wasn't sure it would be as easy. This is a small, old-fashioned town.

     Ben spotted Tom as soon as he walked through the door at. There is just something about Tom, Ben thought as he stood up and waved. He is a bean pole with these piercing blue eyes and his smile. He is smart, always has his head in a book or playing video games, not like Ben who lives, eats and breathes football. Tom likes to read, mainly graphic novels or sports magazines. Being 16, most of their friends are chasing girls or partying. Tom isn't like that at all.

     Tom heads through the restaurant as he sees Ben waving to him from a table in the back. "Hi Ben, have you been waiting long?" Tom asks as he takes off his backpack and jacket, sliding into the booth across from Ben.

     "No, maybe five minutes if that," Ben says as he shifts in his seat. Ben can feel his palms getting sweaty as he tries to relax. "So, what is good to eat here?" Ben asks.

     "Straight up beef burger and fries, but their pizza is really good too," Tom says as he pushes his menu to the end of the table. "Want to split a large pizza?"

     "Sure, pepperoni good?" Ben asks and places his menu at the end of the table on top of Tom's.

     "Sure," Tom says with a nervous grin. Tom is nervous for this first date but doesn't want Ben to know. Is it even a date? Tom thinks to himself.

     "Are you guys ready to order?" asks the waitress.

     "Ya, we want a large pepperoni pizza and two colas," Ben says looking to Tom for assurance. Tom nods in reply.

     Tom and Ben's conversation continues about class, football and video games until the pizza arrives. Neither one of them knows how to bring up the question they both want answered: are they a couple?

     "So, I heard you were dating Jessie last year, the girl in our English class," Ben finally says between bites of pepperoni.

     "Ya, we dated for most of last school year," Tom replies.

     "Umm, so what happened?" Ben is trying to himself not sound too eager for the reply.

     "It just wasn't for me. Jessie is a great girl, we get along really well but you know..." Tom's sentence trails off and he takes another bite of his pizza.

     "No, I don't know man, that's why I asked," Ben says with a laugh.

     "I am not attracted to her," Tom says and looks up at Ben to see his reaction. Ben is now looking at Tom and waiting to learn more.

     "You mean, not attracted to Jessie or not attracted to girls?" Ben reaches for his soda and takes a huge gulp.

     Tom stops and puts his pizza down onto his plate and looks up at Ben. "Not attracted to girls," Tom says and smiles at Ben, hoping he will change the subject.

     "So, I was wondering if maybe, umm, well, I know we have only known each other for a few weeks but I don't know," Ben is stumbling over his words and getting more frustrated with himself for being so nervous. "Want to go out with me?" Ben finally says to Tom.

     "Yes," Tom says and knows that his grin on his face must look like the goofiest grin around. He can't believe Ben has asked him out. His first boyfriend.

    "Cool, so lets’ get out of here. My parents are out for the night, want to hang out at my place?" Ben asks Tom.

     "Sure, let me just call home to tell my mom I won’t be home," Tom replies. #

     Ben pulls his fathers Chevy truck into the driveway and cuts the engine. He is happy his parents are away for the weekend as he can tell Tom is nervous with all this. Ben decides he will take things slow with Tom as this seems like a whole new thing for him. He can't wait to cuddle up on the couch with Tom and watch a movie.

     Both Ben and Tom get out of the truck and head up the walkway to the front door, where Ben pulls out a key to unlock the house. As they enter, Tom hears light footsteps from upstairs, "I thought your parents were away tonight?"

     "They are, that is Molly, our dog," Ben takes off his jacket and throws it on the bench in the front hall. "Let’s grab a drink and head to my room to watch a movie,"

     "Cool," Tom says as he removes his coat and shoes, following Ben into a spacious kitchen with a center island with stools. He slides up onto one when Ben heads to the fridge.

     "We have soda, juice, water, and beer," Ben offers.

     "I'll have a soda," Tom says.

     "Coming right up," Ben reaches into the fridge and pulls out two cans of soda, placing one if front of Tom and the other in front of himself at the island.

     "Thanks, what movies do you have, man?" Tom asks as he pops open the soda top. He can feel the sexual tension rising. He wants to touch Ben so badly, but he also doesn't want to mess this up on the first date.

     "Let’s go see, I have lots of war and some horror movies," Ben says and leads the way to his bedroom, down a long hallway off the kitchen into the back of the house.

     "Make yourself comfortable on the bed or couch, just make sure you leave room for me," Ben says, walking over to the TV stand. He starts flipping through movies on the stand, pulling out a DVD case, and turns around to face Tom. "War and horror, fight the zombie apocalypse, ya?"

     "Sure," Tom says as he makes himself comfy on the one end of the couch.

     Putting in the movie and grabbing the remote Ben plops down beside Tom, "Don't be shy now, just cause you know I like you," Ben teases Tom in a playful way, moving in closer to Tom.

     Tom can feel himself getting red in the face. He has never felt this way about anyone before. He is a little bit embarrassed that he is acting so shy around Ben.

     "Man, I am not being shy," Tom replies and puts his arm on the back of the couch around Ben.

     "Good," Ben says and moves in closer so that he and Tom are almost touching with their noses together. Ben can feel the heated tension between them and quickly places his lips on Tom's, taking in his scent. He lets his hands wander to Tom's chin and holds him close while kissing him deeply. After awhile Tom and Ben break away and take in some air.

     Tom smiles at Ben. "This is nice,"

     Ben decides to be forward. "Want to spend the night?"

     "Sure," Tom says and leans in to start kissing Ben again. He can't get enough of this man’s lips. He can only wonder how the rest of the night will go.

~*Disclaimer: This post was written by Genuine Jenn. This is a work of fiction and copyrighted. All opinions are honest and my own.*~


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