No Gift for Peter by Sabinah Oronge

Peter a very impatient child decided to have a peek at his Christmas gift ahead of others. Less than an hour before Christmas day, his impatience got the better of him. In the process, he encountered the Santa Claus who was just about to put gifts into the boxes. Peter opened his gift box and found nothing in it. Instead, Santa gave him something else till the next Christmas. What Santa gave him was the “gift of practicing patience”. How did Peter utilize this gift until another Christmas day? You have to find out by reading the story. The story is a children’s realistic fiction which teaches the virtue of patience. It is just not for the Christmas season alone but for all times as it is quite relevant to everyday living of young impatient children who sometimes need to practice just a little patience.

About the author:

Sabinah Oroge is an Educationist, a seasoned Administrator, a mother and a grandmother. Over the years, she had been involved with the development of curriculum and instructional materials for all levels of education. As an educator, a trainer, a writer, a curriculum specialist and administrator; her message delivers hope to the both the young and the old who over the years have benefitted immensely from her expertise.
As a retired but not tired educationist, she is an active indie writer who enjoys impacting positively on those that cross her path. She is an ardent protagonist in the young ones learning life skills that will aid their academic development as well as sharpen their social competences. 
Furthermore, she believes in passing down to the younger ones virtues which will shape their future for the better. She is a firm believer in the saying, "Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old, he will not depart from it." Her other interests include healthy living and self-development issues.
In the course of her writing, Sabinah shares her thought provoking passion; inspiring, encouraging, molding as well as: 
ϖ preparing the young ones, 
ϖ entertaining parents and guardians and
ϖ equipping those who need to improve their lots in life through her healthy living and self-development books. 
Consequently, she provides content and solutions to their everyday life and challenges. Her style of writing facilitates/assists them to become better able to cope and experience optimum living.
Her passion and wealth (extensive background in education and administration) of experience serve to help and develop captivating content for children and adult alike in her genre of intervention. 
So far, she has been able to help a lot of people/individuals overcome their life style challenges and obstacles towards achieving optimal development.

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Our review:

No gift for Peter is a story about patience.
It's the eve of christmas day and Peter wants to open his gift. His parent's remind him to wait, and to go to bed and wait till morning.
He doesn't wait till morning, and goes to the tree after everyone is asleep and thinks it be harmless to just take a peek.
Just then Santa arrives, and explains that since Peter was impatient, he wouldn't be getting his gift on the top of his list, and instead he will be getting the gift of learning patience.
This is difficult for Peter, he doesn't want to wait, he gets frustrated at traffic lights, friends and his family members as he waits...
Eventually being patient becomes easier, and easier and the year passes. 
For being so patient his family rewards his efforts on the eve before christmas with a delicious chocolate cake, and he's rewarded with another visit from Santa.

This is a short chapter story. Perhaps more appropriate for a child 7+. My 4 year old listened, but it was a bit too long with her. We did read it, we did enjoy it. Thank you to Sabinah for an opportunity to read and review it.

Merry Christmas!

~*Disclaimer: This post was written by Cheryl. All opinions are honest and my own.*~

**My sincerest apologies to the author. Sabinah this was to be posted Dec 24th, and it was my fault it wasn't scheduled to be shared**


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