Family Day 2012 with Hasbro Game Day!

Monday is Family Day and we are planning a nice quiet day at home. Okay who am I kidding? We are planning a fun filled day that will likely be LOUD! Our plans? Games, crafts and maybe some baking.

We have some new Hasbro Games to check out this weekend and we are very excited to try them out. Here is a sneak peak to what we will be playing this weekend and I am sure many days to come!

Guess Who? This game is recommend for ages 6+ but my two love it. Mommy has been playing the middle man going from one side to the other to help with questions and closing the right windows. The kids seem to be getting the hang already and we have only played a couple games. This game is all about asking Yes/No questions and Guess Who your opponent has picked on their board. I like that you can go online and print more cards for more hours of fun!
Memory - Toy Story 3- This is a great game for ages 3+. This is a great way to help your child develop memory skills and can be played before the age of 3. We also have played match with memory before as the kids were a little too young and we would put all the cards face up and look for matches. I am excited to play the Toy Story 3 memory this weekend.

Operation - Recommended for ages 6+. As a child I loved this game! My hubby said he always had problems with not touching the sides. I am excited to see how our two children like playing Operation. If you have never played before Operation is a silly skills game where you will hear very sounds and will be asked to "operate" but make sure you have a steady hand or the man will buzz. Tons of fun!
Twister - ages 6+. Now I am sure everyone remembers twister from their childhood if not this is a fun game. You spin the spinner and move your feet and hands to the color the spinner lands on. You will find yourself all twisted around the other players and yourself. The last player standing wins!
Elefun - ages 3-6. Now this one I am excited to see in action. The Elephant blows butterflies that the kids are to catch in their handy net. The Elephant stands 4 feet tall when in action! This looks like it will be a great game and the kids will learn eye/hand coordination. 

If you are not doing anything on Family Day why not have your own Hasbro Family Game Day! It is a great way to spend quality time with the family having fun and helping the kids learn also!

Happy Family Day!!

~*Disclaimer: This post was written by Canadian Coupon Mom on behalf of Hasbro Canada. We received complimentary products for review purpose. All opinions are honest and my own.*~

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