Hasbro Operation & Twister Game Review

My children are game kids, pc, handheld, Wii, and board games. They love them all. On Family Day they were introduce to a bunch of board games that they have never played. Today I want to tell you about the Hasbro board games Operation and Twister.

Operation (ages 6+) is a silly game that features barks, burps, cell phone rings and more. Each play is a Dr. and needs to operate by carefully taking the tweezers and keeping their hand steady remove each funny object in Cavity Sam. What is that? A bird! Did you hear a toilet flushing? Each turn will be a new sound and the play will try to remove that item without being buzzed at. If you get buzzed pass the tweezers to the next player.

Both my kids love this game but I think my daughter loves it more. She has been caught pulling it out to play by herself and then her brother will hear it and come to play. Both of them have had many giggles playing together and with mommy and daddy. I love that there are different levels with it, 1 is less sensitive to set of the buzz when you touch the edge with the tweezers when trying to remove a piece. We also made our own rule as the kids are just learning that on the second buzz they have to pass the tweezers. This is a great way to work on fine motor skills for anyone.
Next game we tried out during our Family day weekend was Twister (ages 6+). We have only play a few times but the kids think it is a lot of fun and have enjoyed being Twisted and seeing who can stay standing. If you haven't play this game you don't know what your missing. This is a lot of fun have someone spin the spinner and follow the spinners directions maybe this time it is Right hand on Red. Can you make it there without falling over or getting to twister with the other players? Last person standing is the winner. 

This is a great game for young children to learn about left, right and taking turns. We have been having a blast and can't wait to share more great Hasbro board games with you.

What is your favorite board game when you were a child or even as an adult?

~*Disclaimer: This post was written by Canadian Coupon Mom on behalf of Hasbro Canada. We received the above mentioned products for review purpose. All opinions are honest and my own.*~

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