Making of Hubby's Birthday Cake

The weekend of January 29th my family celebrated my husband's Birthday (even though it was actually on January 31,2012). We had a nice venison roast dinner with potatoes and carrots and finished with a fun Birthday cake made by myself and the kids.

My husband loves to fish and hunt so about a month ago we went into Bulk Barn looking for birthday cake idea's. I found a fun topper of a man fishing. He is a frustrated fisherman that looks like he is about to fall out of the boat. This got me thinking and off to the gummy section we went to see if we could find gummy fish. They did have them but we didn't pick them up until just before the weekend we needed them, so they wouldn't go stale.

I baked the cake early in the day when the kids were playing and then we decorated it together. The kids were great help adding the topper and fish and my son P took a bunch of photos as I iced the cake.

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