Educational Days Out That The Whole Family Will Enjoy!

Keeping children entertained can be difficult and many parents struggle to find a holiday destination that provides children with a fun learning experience. Children often learn best when they are having fun at the same time. Fortunately, there are some places that can captivate a child's imagination and curiosity, making him want to learn more about a certain subject. For parents, an educational day out can be both exciting and interesting and it can spark family discussions about interesting new facts.

Safari Parks

Safari parks are an exciting day out for those interested in exotic animals as well as conservation. There is so much to discover that adults as well as children will find out new and interesting facts about animals and the countries in which they live. Many of the animals in safari parks are endangered and you can find out what is being done to protect species from extinction. There are plenty of special events and activities, providing families from all over the UK with the chance to experience enjoyable days out at Knowsley safari park or Woburn park as well as many others across the country.


Visiting aquariums is a great way to see marine life up close that you and your children would not otherwise experience. Like a safari park, you can find out more about the different species and the areas in which they live. Many species are endangered and you can find out more about those trying to save the coral reefs and the creatures that depend on it as well as how man and pollution affect the marine life in the oceans.


Museums make a fascinating day out for children and parents alike. They provide recreations of buildings and the way of life in times gone by. They host numerous artifacts and works of art. They make history come alive. Many museums specialize in a certain place or time, so whether you are interested in the history of a particular part of the country, a certain topic such as trains, the industrial revolution or even children's toys from the past, there will be a museum you can visit to explore the subject further. Many places, such as London's Science Museum, have interactive displays for people to explore.

Art Galleries

Whether you enjoy creating art or looking at it, a visit to an art gallery is a great day out for the family. As well as paintings that date from centuries ago to the modern day, you can find galleries of contemporary photography and sculptures, some of which might be made of clay while others might consist of recycled rubbish. Lots of galleries have constantly changing exhibitions that might showcase a certain artist or era, so there is always something new to discover.

Stately homes and historic buildings

By visiting a stately home you can see how people once lived and worked during a certain period in history. You can find out about the owners of the home over the years and how they have influenced the surrounding areas.

Many stately homes have gardens to explore where the children can let off steam as well as find out more about the use of the gardens for pleasure and agricultural means. There are a wide range of historical buildings you can visit that have had many different uses. A visit to a historic building can show a way of living and working in the past and how things have changed over time. You can also find out more about the people who worked in these buildings and how they lived.

This Guest Post was written by Sophie Banat, MSc graduate in Psychology. Interested in health, beauty and fashion. Tweets @Scramboodle.


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