Wholesale Costume Club Princess #Review

My daughter is a HUGE Princess fan. I even think that may be an understatement. She breathes and sleep Princesses on her mind. Recently we were asked to check out some great Halloween costumes on Wholesale Costume Club. I knew right away A and I would be checking out all Fairy and all Disney costumes - especially the Disney Princesses.

After looking through the site and I will admit I looked around at other costumes also as I wanted to see what else was available for the whole family. They have a huge variety of costumes at great prices. The only thing I found was the cost of shipping to Canada is high but if you are buying a few costumes it wouldn't be bad as the costumes are great prices.

This is what A decided she really wanted to add to her Walt Disney and other Princess costumes.

The Classic Aurora girl's costume. We decided to go with the size medium (7-8) for a couple reasons. A loves to dress up almost daily and we wanted it to fit for awhile and also in Canada it can be down right cold out on Halloween night. This way she can put a sweater or jacket under it.

This is a new costume to their site for Halloween 2012, and it was $24.96 for members. To get the member price for one year is $5 and you will save on each item you purchase. This would be great if you are picking up a few costumes and accessories. If you do not want a membership you can get it for $25.98. Still a fabulous price.

When the costume arrived A was at school so I had time to check it out and see how it was put together. The costume doesn't look cheap and flimsy. It looks to be stitched well, which is great as one of A's other costumes ripped after a couple wears.

When A got home she was super excited and wanted to be a princess right away. She put on the costume and her gold sparkly shoe had a great time playing dress up. On her birthday it was the same thing but we headed out for a walk with the pup and took some fun pictures at the park.
A has been wearing this costume a number of times in the last couple weeks and it has held up! Two thumbs up for sure.

~*Disclaimer: This post was written by Genuine Jenn on behalf of Wholesale Costume Club. We received the above product for review purpose. All opinions are honest and my own.*~


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