Top 5 Secret Skincare Tips - Guest Post

No matter what your age, it’s important to look after your skin - that doesn’t mean you have to own a whole shelf of lotions and potions either. Skincare can be simple, and avoiding vast amounts of concealer is our goal, so you can support a natural, glowing look.

Know Your Skin

Knowing your skin type is the first step towards treating it right. Trial a day without make-up and see how your skin reacts: does it get oily, dry and tight, or is it hunky-dory? From this, you can work out what your skin needs, and there are online questionnaires which can help you figure out your skin type. Some skins can be perfectly fine normally but will rage against conventional products that are full of chemicals; if that’s the case explore natural alternatives from retailers like Lush or the Body Shop.

Look First To Your Diet

Your lifestyle will reflect in your skin. Drinking plenty of water, first of all, is the best way to flush out toxins and hydrate skin. Secondly, eating a healthy diet, rich in vitamins will not only make your hair appear more vital and glossy, but your skin will clear up too. You must have seen the athletes at this year’s Olympics! The reason why they all look so flawless and vibrant is because they follow a healthy lifestyle and exercise…a lot. Skin products can only do so much for you.

Establish a Skincare Routine

Cleanse, tone, and moisturize: the mantra of every advocate of perfect skincare. Not every product will work for you, so it’s best to trial out a number of brands before you settle on something that brings out fantastic results. Also, invest in hair supplies and services so you can keep your hair out of your face whilst treating your skin, otherwise you will miss certain areas in your care regime.

It’s important that, once you’ve established your favorite products, you stick to the routine like glue. Your skin will not appreciate either neglect or a skincare routine that doesn’t remain regular. Even people with oily skin should moisturize daily, as oils in the skin appear due to dehydration.

Remove Every Speck of Makeup

You’re knackered after a long day and can barely find the energy to wipe a makeup wipe across your face, let alone follow a thorough skincare routine. What do you do? Make sure you get all your makeup off, unless you want to wake up with an angry zit on your chin. Makeup clogs your pores so wipe and cleanse before bedtime. 

Facial Masks

Face masks can be super fun and oddly relaxing. Using a face mask once a week will give your skin a nice vitamin boost and kick-out any dirt or oil in your pores, especially if you were makeup every day. Every skin type will have a face mask to suit their needs so do some research into what will be best for you and keep those breakouts at bay!

I would like to Thank Sophie Banat for the great guest post. Sophie Banat is a MSc graduate in Psychology. Interested in health, beauty and fashion. Tweets @Scramboodle

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  1. Look first to your diet. Yup. I know the chips aren't helping but I can't help myself :)


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