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With her perfectly tousled blonde hair and pink, pouty lips, Gianna Salvani is the girl everyone loves to hate. She has it all – fame, fortune and unrivaled beauty. But behind the seductive smile is an insecure girl who still grieves for the father she lost years ago. With a controversial new film in the can, and the release of her debut album looming, Gianna is poised to take center stage. But when a shocking secret leaves her exposed, her fame will bring her face-to-face with a nightmare she never saw coming. Because lurking in the shadow of her spotlight is an obsessed killer with plans of his own for Gianna. Ignited by his first conquest, Gianna’s greatest admirer begins a brutal hunt to claim her as the ultimate trophy in a string of look-alike murders. Motivated by envy, he forces himself into her seemingly untainted world and threatens to ruin everything she’s built by revealing a hidden tie that binds them. And if you knew his secret, you’d want to kill her too

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Since having children I can’t really say I have sat down and read a full book from cover to cover, for myself. I have read tons of children’s books, cookbooks and some magazines. It has been really good to sit down and enjoy my first full novel for myself in a long time. 

With that said here is my review of The Lust Garden. I will try not to give too much away with my review. To be honest I only skimmed the blurb for this book before receiving it but was intrigued by the cover. I jumped right into the first chapter not really knowing what to expect.

This is Billy Jolie's first novel and I really enjoyed his writing, it is a lot different then some of the more recent books I have read. At first I was a bit confused on how the first couple chapters started out and who was who. A few chapters in I realized how everyone was connected except this one man that was referred to as the Loin. He was a mystery throughout the book popping up here and there. I was kept interested throughout the book wanting to know more about Gianna, Vance and Rachyl, they were sort of involved in a love triangle until Zak walked into the picture, a dark and handsome British bloke. Zak was working with Gianna on her upcoming album. The books follows the life of entertainers, showing a really raw side of the entertainment business.

I didn't really like most of the characters as it was hard to relate to their path in life but it was also hard not to like Gianna by the end of the book. I was actually thrown off on how the book ended and I am still thinking I would have liked to see it end a different way. I was almost on the right line with the Loin closer to the end of the book which I liked how Billy had kept his readers in suspense. It definitely kept me on my toes to find out how/who this character was. 

All in all I did enjoy this book and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a bit of a drama, thriller, and romance.

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~*Disclaimer: This post was written by Genuine Jenn. I received the above e-book for review purpose as part of the Book tour. All opinions are honest and my own.*~


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