Excerpt from Cursed Heroes #Book Tour

Last Wednesday I post about Cursed Heroes, The Beginnings book by William D. Ollivierre and today I wanted to share an excerpt from I am Darkness - Cursed Heroes Power House:

The second sun finial began to set, I looked over the entire area and found just were I would fight the battle and prepaid myself. Sitting at the entrance to the lunch zone waiting for the creatures, my trap should be warring off in a few minutes. I turned and looked behind me and I watched the sun set.

I feel my powers awaken as my eyes went black I smiled, I was ready. I turned back as the night rushes over me, dark and cold consuming every part of me the moon light is bight but yet it was dark. The stench of blood is pungent in the air as the braze brushes across my face. I see them approaching from the distance getting closer and closer. The smell of blood is coming from their blood soaked claws. I wondered what they had killed but it didn’t matter. They soon spotted me and began to circle me, pushing me back slowly, into a corner without even knowing it they were doing just what I had planned. Their eyes glow a dark red, the chill of evil intent filled the atmosphere like static making the hair on my skin stand on end. The light from the moon faded, all that remained was their glowing red eyes piercing through the darkness. My eyes slowly close as I awaited my faith; they lunge forward with their attack claws first ready to rip me to pieces. “Active Nannies one hundred present.”

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~*Disclaimer: This post was an excerpt from Cursed Heroes book tour with Promotional Book Tours. All opinions are honest and my own.*~


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