Shoe Shopping for Flower Girl

I have never found shoe shopping with A to be much of a hassle. If anything it is usually a lot of fun looking at all the pretty shoes. This time I was actually looking for a specific shoe and size so of course when you need something you can not find it. Isn't that the way?

A will be in a wedding on Saturday and she has this beautiful brown dress and she needed a nice pair of shoes to go with it. I remembered seeing a really cute pair of sparkly gold shoes last year and thought they would be a lot of fun. A is in a princess stage right now and it would almost be like Cinderella's shoes, nice and fancy.

Well of course we go out looking and can not find gold shoes anywhere in any size. Next we decided if we can't find them why not craft them? I bought some gold glitter and have a big bottle of Mod podge already. We thought we would get a cute pair of white or brown shoes and go from there. No luck in finding a size to find in our local town.

Finally after work last week I decided to check out Payless shoes as a friend mentioned on my Facebook status that she bought her daughter a pair of brown Mary Jane type of shoes there. Nothing fancy but $12 and brown. When I arrived it wasn't open until 9:30am. I had to wait about 20 minutes, oh well at least I can relax after a busy morning at work.

I finally found gold sparkly shoes but not in an 11. I asked the girl working if they had anymore in the back and she printed off a list of stores that had them. Off I went to the next Payless. When I got there I had a couple slips with shoes I wanted in sizes the other store didn't have. At the bottom of the slip was a $6 off coupon! I was able to buy A her dressy shoes and a nice pair of fall boots.
I also was able to get myself a pair of runners! Best part about my new runners? They were $45 down to $22 and then half that! YAY me!
I got home to find out that A's shoes didn't fit so on Wednesday I headed back and got her a smaller size that will fit for now and she can keep the size 11 for later. She is very VERY happy about this plan. More fun princess shoes for her.

Another posts to come I am sure with pictures of the kids at the wedding.  

~*Disclaimer: This post was written by Genuine Jenn. All opinions are honest and my own.*~


  1. We bought the same sparkly shoes in silver :)

  2. Anonymous9:23 AM

    The Silver ones are very cute also :) The mother of the bride had heels that were sparkle silver!


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