PBS Kids Dinosaur Train Big Big Big #Review

Do you have little ones that love Dinosaurs or Trains? or maybe they love both like my son does! They will love the new DVD Dinosaur Train Big Big Big from PBS Kids and Jim Henson.

Buddy and the Pteranodon kids hop on the Dinosaur Train to meet some of the biggest dinosaurs around! They meet Allie Alamosaurus, an enormous, long-necked, plant-eating sauropod; Denise Diplodocus, whose neck and tail the kids mistake for a snake and a bridge; and Apollo Apatosaurus a huge, long-necked, long-tailed dinosaur looking for adventure. Finally, they visit their old friend Arnie Argentinosaurus, who has gotten too big to ride the Dinosaur Train--until Tiny and Buddy arrange for him to ride on the new flatbed car!
Episodes included - Remember the Alamosaurus; Heck of a Neck; An Apatosaurus Adventure; Arnie Rides the Flat Car; Ned the Quadruped; One Big Dinosaur; Dinosaur Poop; and All Kinds of Families.

Both my kids enjoyed this video, I would say through my son was more into it as he love dinosaurs and trains. He told me he enjoyed meeting all the BIG Dinosaurs and learning about each. His fave part? He say it is the very last episode where the BIG Dinosaur is too big for the train and they little dinosaurs make a train for the big one to ride in. I love the graphics and the fact that it kept my kids engaged and laughing. They have watched this video a few times again and still enjoy it like the first time. I am very happy with this DVD and find it very educational for young children want to know more about Dinosaurs.

You can pick up Dinosaur Train Big Big Big on Shop PBS or Amazon.

~*Disclaimer: This post was written by Genuine Jenn. We received the above movie for review purpose. All opinions are honest and my own.*~


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